• 005

    Bláznit je lidské, být dokonalý božské ...a já nejsem dokonalý

  • 004

    Každá bolest skrývá své pozitivum.

  • 003

    Na konci tunelu je vždy vidět světlo.

  • 002

    Lidská blízkost je silnější, nežli jakýkoliv jiný medikament.

  • 001

    Nikdy neříkej, že se k nám nedostaneš.

The Association KOLUMBUS is a network of persons which unites persons having experience with services of care for mental health. The Association strives for the compliance with the basic Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedom for people with psychiatric diagnosis. It is divided into two Chambers according to the experience with the care for mental health  - direct or non-direct. The Association KOLUMBUS is non state, non political and non religious network which unites only physical persons.

The Association KOLUMBUS strives for:

  • the improvement of care in psychiatric hospitals.
  • the development of community care and services for persons with psychiatric diagnosis.
  • the creation and signature of an complex Law on Mental Health.
  • the protection of safekeeping of legal help to persons with psychiatric diagnosis towards Courts, especially in proceedings about the detention and eligibility for legal capacity.


Latest news

  • From 7.4. until 8.4. 2019 a member of our Association, Mr. Daniel Černík, took part in the Psychiatric Congress in Warsaw held by the organisation EPA. He represented here GAMIAN and the...
  • On 29. 3. 2019 – 31. 3. 2019 a conference Gamian Europe 2019 in Bucharest took place. The subject matter of the meeting were the elections into the new Committee Gamian and approval of the budget....
  • On 4. 12. 2018 took place already 5th year of Alumni which was realized in the residence of the Ambassador of the USA in Prague. The invitation accepted many representatives of patient organizations,...

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